Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 26: Lazy with Lots of Sleep

After a sleep deprived trip, today is a fantastic way to start life back in MY.

11:30am: Woke up
12:30pm: Had lunch
1:40pm: Watch Ip Man 2
5:00pm: Got home
6:00pm: Start taking nap
8:30pm: Woke up and cook dinner - yummy tomatoes, sweet basil, bacon spaghetti
11:30pm: Sleep again!

Nice nice nice! I love being a pig!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 25: Goodbye TW and Hello MY!

I'm back... I miss Taiwan already....

Back to reality....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 23, 24 - Taipei - Wulai

Nice... Got to wulai which is somewhere in the Taipei province and stayed a night there. It's basically a place with hot spring and it's nested among the mountains. Also, there's the tallest waterfall! And cable car and train too! So, all in one.

Just came back from XiMen buying souvenirs. So don't expect too much! Just food for all you peeps. Tomorrow going home! So sad...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 22: Dharma Drum Mountain

Today is a day of enlightenment.

I went to this monastery as recommended by ZM (actually.. come to think of it.. it's CM). It's actually a university for Buddhism! It's a huge complex, with gardens, rivers and many praying buildings and research center. It's so peaceful there that for a fraction of second, I was tempted to seek the truth on Buddhism and be a nun.

Then, I just sat down on a big rock and start reflecting. Thinking my conduct for the past few years. Reflecting my sins... Joan, don't start making comments on housework again. This is a serious reflection on LIFE!!! Not housework! :p

So, these are my resolutions:
1. I will try to create awereness to appreciate the people, things and surrounding in my life.
2. I will try not to be wasteful i.e. finish my food rather than throwing away if they don't taste nice (exception: if i found a victim to finish it for me), not to buy unnecessary stuffs (exception: clothing for specific occation and working attire are exemption)
3. I will strive to help and teach others if it's within my capability. This is going to be challenging as I'm highly impatient. In fact, this reminds me of NS (some poor analyst from work) which I sort of feels damn bad now.. :( Coz of my impatience but then again, YT got it worst from me! *innocent face*

I bought a book on Buddhism from the monastery which cost a bomb (but charity ma...). It's Subtle Wisdom. I plan to finish this book as part of the Taiwan journey. Joan, you have to read this...

Btw, can you tell mom... "Happy Mother's Day!!!" I got her some "wisdom" related stuff from the monastery too!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 20 & 21: Alishan, Fenchihu, Chaiyi

I'm back to Chaiyi! :) Where should I start...?

Alishan - Below my expectation as a whole. I didn't get to see any sunrise. :( It's raining. I get to see cloudssssss below the mountain that I was on. It was cool but could be better with the sunrise. The ride up was horrible. Bumpy and makes me very dizzy. So, I was feeling terrible when I got up the hill at 10am. Headache, dizzy, upset stomach and just bloody moooody. Felt better after a strong cuppa. :)

If I were to summarize Alishan in a sentence, it would be "Tiny town with freaking cold weather, trees everywhere and the main attraction is the thousand years old tree and sunrise." I prefer SML anytime coz it's big enough for dear tourist like me to find a non-tourist spot to relax. :) Nonetheless, it's a must-go!

Fenchihu- Another tiny town near to Alishan which we stopped (bus tour) for less than 2 hours. I met a fellow single Malaysian traveller! :) Marcus from Kuching. This guy is super cool. He booked the flight to Taiwan a night before, didn't know much about Taiwan, no bookings whatsoever. He is on his way to Kaoshiong now.

Chaiyi - I decided to do something more adventurous. I'm taking a night train from Chaiyi to Taipei at 12:47am tonight reaching at Taipei at 5:30am. Save money and I don't think I will take a night train to Singapore or Thailand even if you bribe me. :p So this is probably the only chance I'm going to do this. So now, I have to find a way to kill the time until midnight.

Oh... I'm so careless again! I lost my luggage ticket! (I deposit my luggage at the train station and carry only the backpack to Alishan). :( I have to call some helpline and wait for an hour for the guy to come and unlock my locker. While waiting, a strange guy (scary looking) approached me and started talking "Mei mei, if someone bully me, you must tell me... I will take care of you. Remember to tell me. I will help you." *roll eyes*. He kept walking around me and repeat that! I got scared and walked to the nearest 7-11 and hide there. Now I'm scared to return to the train station at midnight. :(

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 19: Chiayi Next!

I spent like *counting* 4 to 5 hours planning where to go next. I got so comfortable in SML that I'm so tempted to extend my stay here. But... gotta start going to my next location.

Initial plan is CingJing. But since I'm running low in cash, I have to weigh between CingJing and Alishan. I chose Alishan! :) CingJing is probably not as exciting as the web claims. It's just a bunch of sheeps lurking around and posing to seduce tourist to go there. I am sure I will go to Switzerland someday. So.. scrap that for now.

I'm going to check out from SML soon, then take a bus to TaiChung and then a train from TaiChung to Chaiyi where I will be staying a night there. Next morning, head out to Alishan damn early in the morning and stay a night in Alishan for the beautiful sunrise (sunrise tour starts at 2:30am. You heard me right... so damn early!). Then, spend a day in Fenchihu and take a late evening train to Taipei (where I will spend another 4 nights).

Don't be mistaken, there are a lot of things to do near Taipei. (Usually involve 1 to 2 hours bus/train ride from Taipei City i.e. Yeliu, YingGe, YangMingShan, etc). And I have got most of them planned out! :)

Thing is... I might not have internet access until I get back to Taipei. So... we will see.. :) Take care!

Day 18: Sun Moon Lake - Raining

Cable car is not open to public due to maintenance today. *bummer*. But, it's probably a good thing since it's raining since 3pm. I went around different sites of the lake for sight seeing and suddenly remember one of the intent for my trip - to ponder on life. Hahahha.. Don't laugh or put on that funny face. :p

I thought of many many things today:

1. The lake sparkles like a million stars on it. It's thing like this that we never pay attention to. I'm sure the Shah Alam lake garden looks like this. Maybe instead of tiny little stars, it looks like a god damn sun coz of the strong rays. When you are so occupied with work/stress, you never pay attention to your environment, surrounding or people in your life. You never see their beauty or what they can offer. Life just passes you by if you don't pause and look up.

2. I remember telling this to CM couple of days back. "When I was young, I always pray for the same thing. I pray for good death. That I will die a quick and painless death. I guess when I was young, I saw the suffering that my grandma went through. She was bed ridden for 20 years, had various illness including stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. I don't want any of that... And that I always believe I will die when I'm in my thirties." CM looked at me solemnly and said "If you believe it, it will happen." We talked more after that and I made a mental note to change my believe but had never indulged in it. I spent a good 30 minutes telling myself this today "I will live until I'm 70" :)

3. I was trying to figure out my 3-years plan. I will be 30 by then. Okie.. it's technically 30 coz it's April now. :p. First thought, I should be married by then! *Annoyed* I hate that little voice in my brain telling me my body clock. I'm 24 at heart, brain! Okie okie, I spent hours after hours trying to figure this out. So what if I'm ACN M, SM or whatever. So what if I have 5 figure monthly salary and can buy a house. But... will I walk on the streets and smile to myself as often as I have been for these past few days? It's contagious because you are smiling from the heart! I thought about this long and hard. I bought a postcard and wrote this "Capturing this inner peace and happiness. Remember this." while staring out at the beautiful lake sipping my hot latte.

I look forward to my next "enlightenment"!!!